Labels for our partners

Romdil is the ideal partner for you! With a wide range of products categories, we are very flexible, supplying you with the highest level products at the best price.

We can provide a significant selection of pre-set products, sizes and packaging types, but also entirely unique products customized for sale by your business only. All products, whether pre-existing or custom-developed, are well-packaged and uniquely labeled with your own logo and specialized product name.

• We have a very flexible workflow with our clients.
• We have a full portfolio, covering all important segments, addressing all consumer size needs at very competitive prices.
• We have strong contracts with many of the world leading suppliers thus being able to ensure to our clients various product types, product qualities, product sizes and packaging solutions.
• We aim to provide our customers with more price friendly product solutions, aiming to build mutual beneficial long term relationships with all our customers on the European markets.


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