Anuga Exhibition 2013

Christmas Holidays

Like every year, ROMDIL bring a smile and a ray of hope to the children and families around the holidays. Trying to be almost as many souls offered products ROMDIL Association “PROVITA for born and unborn” Plopului Valley, Prahova, “Association of courage and dedication” of Baia Mare, Association “ESPERANDO” Baia Mare, German Democratic Forum , High School Sports – Club Sport School in Baia Mare, Maramures Orthodox Women’s Association “WOMEN Dives” School “Alexander Ivasiuc” in Baia Mare, voluntary associations “SOMASCHI” Baia Mare, Association “EDERA” Baia Mare.

Golden Bear

Ursuletul de Aur
ROMDIL has supported their competitors by National Pop Music Festival “Golden Bear” took place in the period 13 to 15 May 2011 in Baia Mare with packets of sweets. Traditional festival, now in its XXVIII edition, released during its exhibition dedicated voices as Paula Seling, Narcisa Suciu, Paul Panait, Silvia Stefanescu, Goose Home, Elena Gheorghe.

June 1st


To 1 June, International Children’s Day, children’s joy did ROMDIL Plateau show “once in a lifetime” broadcast on TVR 1 in 3 June 2011, by offering sweets. Also ROMDIL thought about school children with grades I-VIII “ILCARAGIALE” of Baia Mare, which gave little attention to the Children’s Day.

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